We have about 400 Shareholders that use the water from Millcreek from Apr 1-Oct 1 to water lawns, gardens, and orchards.  Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and sustainable irrigation water.  It takes a little knowledge and work to decide how you will access and use the water, but it can save you money, and you will be using natural, untreated water straight from Mill Creek.  We are here to help you figure it out.

If you are interested in joining the Water Company, use the maps to determine if your home is on one of our active ditches and if it is, talk to neighbors or call us at 801-882-1173.  We’ll help answer your questions and connect you with your Water Master and send you a the list of shares currently available for sale.  We can talk about ways to use the water (flood irrigation and pump systems), and introduce you to other users who can show you their irrigation system.   Share prices are fair, and water rates are very low compared to City water rates.