2024 Shareholder Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 30th at the Canyon Rim Academy, 3005 South 2900 East, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

How do I join the Water Company?  If you live on an active irrigation ditch in East Millcreek, you can look at one of the MAPS under the “Water” tab to find out if you are in our area.  You can also talk to a neighbor or call the office and we can help figure it out.  To join, you need to buy stock and pay the annual assessments.

How do I  buy stock?  You can buy stock (water shares) directly from others in the Water Company.  If you would like to purchase Brigham Young, Franklin John Neff or Amos Neff water stock, call the Office and have your name added to the list.  If you decide to purchase from a current stockholder, those prices are arranged between buyers and sellers and back assessments need to be paid prior to transfer.  The seller needs to give you their stock certificate, and sign and date the back, and have a witness sign, and then we help get the stock certificate transferred into your name.  If a stock certificate has been lost, replacements can be issued but will require additional paperwork.  The transfer fee for stock purchases or lost certificates is $50.

It is possible for stock to be sold with a home, but the real estate document needs to be very specific that the sale includes X shares of Class A stock in the East Mill Creek Water Company, and the document needs to be signed by the current stockholder(s) of record (the individual or individuals listed on the stock certificate).

What if the stockholder named on the stock certificate is unable to sign due to health issues or death?  If you still have the stock certificate and the stockholder is alive but unable to sign, someone authorized to sign on behalf of the stockholder can sign the form, have their signature notarized, and attach a copy of their Power of Attorney (POA).  If you don’t have the stock certificate and the stockholder is alive but unable to sign, you will need to contact the office and we will create a transfer affidavit for you which needs to be signed by someone with a Power of Attorney, notarized, and a copy of the POA must be attached.

If the stockholder(s) has passed away but they had signed and dated the stock certificate, and it had been signed by a witness, then you can give the certificate to the buyer, and contact the office to let us know about the pending transfer.  Once the buyer has transferred the shares into their name, they are the owner of the stock and you will no longer be billed for that stock.  If the stockholder has passed away and the form was not signed, it can be signed by a trustee, executor, or other individual authorized to sign on behalf of the estate of the stockholder of record, and then you will need to attach a copy of the trust, executor assignment, decision from Probate or other documentation authorizing you to sign on behalf of the stockholder.  If you have lost the stock certificate and the owner is deceased, contact the office and we will create a replacement stock transfer affidavit which needs to be signed and notarized as above and you need to attach a copy of the appropriate legal document.

How much does stock cost?  The selling price of a share is negotiated between the buyer and the seller.  Brigham Young, Amos Neff and Franklin John Neff shares are not currently available but you can ask to be added to the waiting list.

How much does it cost per year per share?  The operating costs of the Water Company are divided amongst shareholders are called assessments which are billed once a year in March which then cover the cost of all water used the following year between 4/1-10/1.  Each assessment includes an Administrative Fee, a per share assessment and a flat fee to be put towards a Capital Reserve Account. Please see the Assessment Calculator.

When I sell my house are the water shares part of the sale of the home?  No.  The stock belongs to the shareholder.  If you move, you need to arrange to sell or give that stock to the new home owner, a neighbor, or a new shareholder.   If a shareholder passes away, the new owner will need to transfer those shares into their name.  Shares not transferred can become very difficult to track down, assessments continue to accrue, and establishing ownership can be a challenge.  You do not own the water shares unless they’ve been transferred into your name.  At the same time, if your shares haven’t been transferred into the purchaser’s name, then you are still responsible for the assessments.

How do I get a watering time?  Contact your Lateral Captain or Water Master.

Are there a lot of weeds in the water?   It may depend upon where you live, but many of our shareholders report having no weeds at all, and others say it’s a problem.  The good news is that inexpensive filters can be added to most systems.

How much will I need to spend to create a water delivery system?  It all depends upon how much you want to invest and how sophisticated you want it to be.   Many shareholders flood irrigate, sometimes just putting in a gate and allowing water to back up onto the lawn.  Others use tubes or other guides to move water around their garden.  Some shareholders put a small sump pump into the ditch or into a recessed bucket and run a sprinkler while others use stronger pumps capable of watering the entire lot.  More expensive systems might include a large pump, holding tank or cistern, with water pumped directly into their sprinkler system (backflow preventer required).