About Us

Contact the Water Master about water or scheduling issues.  Contact an Officer or the office with any planned ditch modifications or changes, and in case of emergency.  For questions about joining the Water Company, buying & selling Class A shares (irrigation water), assessments (bills) and stock transfers, call the Office at (801) 882-1173. The list below is current as of March, 2021.

Officers, as of March, 2022:

Andrew Greaves, President,  Board Member for the Amos Neff Ditch 801-815-3110 only in case of emergency, otherwise please call 801-882-1173. andrew.d.greaves@gmail.com

Rich Matheson , Vice President, Board Member at large for the Amos Neff Ditch  801-694-5465 only in case of emergency, otherwise call 801-882-1173. rmm@jenkinsbagley.com

Lance Hobbs, Treasurer, Board Member for the Brigham Young Ditch  801-466-2190. slchobbler@comcast.net

Jane Bennion, Secretary (801) 882-1173, secretary@eastmillcreekwater.org

Board Members:

Bill Leeflang, Board Member for the Franklin John Neff Ditch
(801) 891-8557, BillLeeflang@gmail.com

Terry Wasecha, Board Member for the Brigham Young Ditch
(801) 487-7374, terry@eastmillcreekwater.org

Steve Anderson,  Board Member at large of the Franklin John Neff Ditch
(801) 430-3996, slanderson3778@gmail.com

Glen Willardson,  Board Member at large for the Brigham Young Ditch
(801) 699-4452, glenwillardson@comcast.net

EMCW Co. monthly board meeting open to shareholders

The monthly board meeting for the East Mill Creek Water Company is held on the second Tuesday of each month, and shareholders are invited to attend. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Millcreek Library large meeting room. If anyone attending wishes to raise a question or speak to an issue, they should contact the secretary in advance of the meeting at (801 882-1173, or by email at secretary@eastmillcreekwater.org, to be put on the agenda.

Water Masters:

Brigham Young Ditch:  Phil Millett and Andy Stringfellow

Franklin John Neff Ditch:  Rick Coyle
(801)-860-3860 (texting is best)

Amos Neff Ditch:   Raffie Bezdjian
(801) 330-3120

A complete list of Officers and Water Masters with telephone numbers is sent out with Assessments in January.