Annual Assessments are mailed in February and are due 30 days after the invoice date.  There are now 3 ways to pay:

  1. Direct Recurring Payment Plan/ACH Authorization:  This is the easiest, least expensive, and most reliable way to pay your bill, and your payment is always on time (never pay a $25 Late Fee).  To sign up, print this Authorization Form, complete, and mail or scan & email by March 3, 2022 to use for this year’s payment.  After March 3, you can complete the form for future payments but this year you will need to pay another way.
  2. Credit Card Payment:  is available January through March.   An additional 3% convenience fee will be added by the site.   To use, Enter Here.  Portal closes March 9.  Please note: Only Shareholders and those approved by the Shareholder are allowed to make payments.  If you have trouble with this portal, please call the office at 801-882-1173 or email
  3. Pay by check.