Auction Notice 2018-09-11


The Board of Directors of the East Mill Creek Water Company, PO Box 9334, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 adopted an order on April 2, 2018 to sell class A shares of stock of the shareholders listed below for failure to pay stock assessment(s) levied December 28, 2017 which are now delinquent.

The Brigham Young (BY), Amos Neff (AN) and Franklin John Neff (FJN) stock to be sold are as follows:

Arnold J. West 2 BY shares Certificate #3743 $582.90; Oran S. Peck 1.9 BY #3717 $476.61; Robert H. Dunfield 1.88 BY #1622 $403.18; Howard E. Petersen 1.5 BY #1685 $284.51; Gene Evans 3.6 BY #4344 $672.70; J. Dale or Jane V. Pascoe 2.2 BY #4466 $406.20; Clayne J. Ricks 8 BY #3152, 3274 & 3571; David Darrington 25 BY #4416 $3477.75; William C. Fagg 3.85 AN #3062 $522.73; Kerri Browne 2.8 BY #4471 $378; Ida T. Layton 8 FJN #3437 & 3388 $935.30; Ardella Fagg 10.35 AN #1892 & 3063 $1044.75; Mansoor & Robin Pourmirzaie 12.25 AN #4175 & 4176 $1227.89; Tami J. Okubo 2.12 BY #4234 $172.72; Donald Layton 40.31 FJN & BY #3428, 3416 & 3426 $3005.57.

In accordance with the Utah Code these shares will be sold at public auction at 2415 E Neff’s Lane, Salt Lake City, UT on September 11, 2018 at 10:00 am to pay the delinquent assessments, late charges, and all costs of collection and expenses, which will be about $20 per shareholder, if the same are not paid to the Company on or before the date of sale.

If shares are purchased at the auction by the corporation, or a director or officer of the corporation for the benefit of the officer or director, the shares may be redeemed by the shareholder for a period of 30 days after the day on which the shares are sold.

To be able to bid on the shares, you need to be able to provide documentation (driver’s license or utility bill in your name) to show that you own or lease a home in our service area and are able to connect to a Company ditch.

Diane Blackburn, Secretary/Treasurer

East Mill Creek Water Company

July 27, 2018