Volunteer & Paid Opportunities

Did you know this company is run almost entirely by volunteers with the help of a few very part time employees who are 95% volunteers as well?  We need your help to keep costs down. Please fill out the Shareholder Survey on your invoice and indicate what you can do. Call the Office about any of the following positions.

Water Helpers Job Share – We need 1 more helper to change gates, walk the ditch & clear debris twice daily at 6am and at 9pm for about 1-1.5 hours per day during the water season. Must be punctual & reliable. Pay is $25/day. We could also use more Water Helpers (students are ok) in early spring to help with cleaning the main ditches.

Brigham Young (BY) Water Masters Job Share – This job has changed a lot over the past 3 years since schedules were revamped and we hired 2 Water Helpers. The BY Water Master, Jordan, needs to job share with 1-2 experienced water users. You would help shareholders, fine-tune schedules, identify infrastructure problems, coordinate repairs, answer City/ County questions, and serve as occasional back-up for Water Helpers. Pay is $1500 each for 2 Water Masters or $1000 each for 3 Water Masters.

Temporary Project Coordinator to help Water Masters & Board – Help identify and deal with infrastructure improvements and problems. Coordinate with water masters, volunteers or contractors as needed. She/he needs to be on call (a few times in the spring then once or twice a month) and to be able to take corrective action. We prefer an experienced water user that is available during the day. Pay is $5000

Brigham Young Board Member – If you care about the water and would like to help manage the day-to-day affairs and also act in the best long-term interests of the Company, we need you. You would attend monthly board meetings, help solve problems, recruit and retain water masters, volunteers and contractors, and take actions to protect and preserve the water rights of the Company.

Help the Water Masters – fill in for vacations changing gates, or help with repairs, ditch cleaning, or maintenance.

Office Help – help with miscellaneous tasks, data entry, mailing, and delivery.

Find New Water Users!  Currently there are several shares available on the Brigham Young Ditch.  Please tell your neighbors.  For more information email Diane@EastMillCreekWater.org

Lateral Captains – Assist the Water Master in communicating with neighbors and shareholders, organizing neighborhood watering schedules, problem solving, turning down water, and diverting water to a safe outlet at days end.

Help with Spring Ditch Cleaning and/or help with Ditch Repair.

Photographs & Videos – Do you have a good photo of East Mill Creek or of a ditch, irrigation equipment or a picture or video of your watering system for this website?